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2022 World Cup Qualifiers Fixture of Vietnam NT

2019-06-13 15:54:00 Doan Trang updated 2022 World Cup Qualifiers Fixture of Vietnam NT. Park Hang-seo’s side is managed to play 5 clashes in 2019.

2022 World Cup Qualifiers Fixture of Vietnam NT

Date Match
05/09/2019 Group 3 vs Vietnam
10/10/2019 Vietnam vs Group 4
15/10/2019 Group 5 vs Vietnam
14/11/2019 Vietnam vs Group 1
19/11/2019 Vietnam vs Group 3
31/03/2020 Group 4 vs Vietnam
04/06/2020 Vietnam vs Group 5
09/06/2020 Group 1 vs Vietnam

2022 World Cup Qualifiers have 3 rounds and follow home-and-away playoff format to pick out 6 squads drawing into round 2.

Vietnam NT coached by Park Hang-seo will present 2022 World Cup Qualifiers Asian zonal from the 2nd Qualifying round. The ‘Golden Dragons’ is set to play 6 matches in 2019 and 4 matches in 2020.

The squad is standing on 15th Asia and 96th the world, is pooled together in Group 2 with Syria, Uzbekistan, Lebanon, and Oman…

FIFA remains the number of participants which is 32 squads who will represent at the greatest tournament of the world. Asian area accounts for only 4,5 slots in 2022 World Cup Finals.

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