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World Cup 2022 Qualifiers: Cambodia takes the slot

2019-06-12 11:33:00 London

Providing World Cup 2022 Qualifiers fixtures in Asia Section.

World Cup 2022 Qualifiers schedule:


Date Time Match Results
4:00pm Mông Cổ 2-0 Brunei
Malaysia, Guam, Bangladesh, Campuchia to the second qualifying round.
6:30pm Macau 1-0 Srilanka
6:30pm Lào 0-1 Bangladesh
6:30pm Campuchia 2-0 Pakistan
7:00pm Bhutan 1-0 Guam
7/6 7:45pm Malaysia 7-1 Đông Timor
11/6 7:15pm Brunei 2-1 Mông Cổ
5:00pm Srilanka vs Macau
8:00pm Bangladesh 0-0 Lào
7:45pm Đông Timor 1-5 Malaysia
Pakistan 1-2 Campuchia
12:15pm Guam 5-0 Bhutan

The Qualifying round in Asia zone of World Cup 2022 will be held with the presences of 47 countries competing for 4.5 slots to attend the final in Qatar in winter 2022.

The second qualifying round will kick off on Sep 5 with 40 national teams divided into 8 groups with the 9 two-legged format. 8 group winners plus 4 best second-ranked teams will attend the third qualifying round.

The 12 most excellent squad will be divided in 2 groups following round-robin play format. The 2 group winners and 2 second best teams will get the direct slots for the final in Qatar. The third-ranked teams play a playoff  then the winner will compete against a team from another continent.

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