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Vietnam’s setup to face the hole in its defense

2019-05-14 11:11:00 London

Thể Thao 247 - The defense, a powerful tool for Park Hang-seo’s success, is now encountering countless problems that need solving as soon as possible.

The trio Duy Manh- Dinh Trong-Ngoc Hai is a great implement with experience and professional skills.

However, each players in the defense expose some matters. Que Ngoc Hai’s suspension is longer than his playing time. After 9 matches, he made 4 caps for Viettel in which they lost 3, drew 1. It is not about Viettel’s formation, it is Ngoc Hai’s concentration, coach Lee Hueng-sil once warned him overcoming public opinion to become a captain.

Both Ngoc hai and Tien Dung delivered terrible performance which is they conceded 3 goals from HAGL, coach Lee Heung-sil implied: ‘Our defense didn’t strong. We have good players hear, yet they didn’t not try their best’.

It is confusing for Park Hang-seo to use Que Ngoc Hai in Vietnam setup. He needs to find back himself to get a place in Vietnam NT.

Duy Manh and Dinh Trong are unable to keep their high form. Hanoi FC conceded 6 goals in 2 matches. Duy Manh’s strength is worth concerning since he got knee injured and it took a month to recover. Park Hang-seo, thereby, is afraid of his absence in King’s Cup.

Dinh Trong is famous for his smart playing style yet in the 2 previous matches, he made disappointing appearance in Binh Duong match and Thanh Hoa match, especially when he received a red card after the violent situation with Rimario.

Pillars’ poor performance is causing Park Hang-seo headache. He must find the answer for Vietnam before King’s Cup kicks off. This tournament affects Vietnam place in the Rankings and World Cup 2022 Qualifiers.

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