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Thai fans gape at Xuan Truong’s assist

2019-04-10 15:32:00 London

Thể Thao 247 - Thai fans are showing great excitement with Xuan Truong’s precise assist in Tuesday match.

Despite playing at home, Buriram United was not able to take their advantage and lost heavily to Beijing Guoan.

There were, however, phases worth waiting for as young talent Suphanat scored with Luong Xuan Truong’s assist, whose delicate passes have shown all his ingenuity.

On social networks, Thai and Buriram fans are extremely excited with Xuan Truong’s assist. They complimented the Vietnamese midfielder and hoped Bandzovic facilitate him to play more.

A Thai fan praised: "I admire Xuan Truong's assist"

Chatree Joopear shared the same view: "Xuan Truong is very good"

Another fan named ThongpoonPrommanus said: "Xuan Truong is good, he understood the game well. And striker Pedro is too weak."

"Number 21 plays well, facilitate him more often"

A Buriram fan also asked more for Xuan Truong: "Let the 21 come out, he sat outside for too long. Give him the ball and he will assist"

By making good performance in Tuesday match, not only Thai fans but also Vietnamese’ want Bandzovic to use Xuan Truong more. All of them said that Xuan Truong owns professional but his weakness is physical strength.

Hopefully Montenegrin coach will send Xuan Truong out to maximize his ability and limit his weaknesses.

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