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Sint-Truidense’s pillar absence, Cong Phuong’s chance might come?

2019-08-19 17:30:00 London

Sint-Truidense’s loss on Sunday night was not easy, comes the bad news. Sint-Truidense’s Yohan Boli and Bokata will be absent in the upcoming time.



Accordingly, Yohan Boli’s suspension resulted from his booked red card for whining mood in the 79th minute. He was the second top scorer of the club last season with 12 goals. That playing with 10 players caused STVV to be led 2 goals.

Earlier, Bokata was injured seriously in a disputation. He walked with a limp and replaced by Van Dessel.

Losing 2 pillars will be a huge disadvantage for Sint-Truidense during the tough time. However, this will be considered a chance for Cong Phuong to shine.

Despite STVV’s bright attackers: Alan Sousa, Yuma Suzuki or the debutant Facundo Colidio, Cong Phuong took the advantages of coming earliest to catch up with the team’s playstyle.

Cong Phuong was in 3 of 4 match selections and played 20 minutes.

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